to become a coach:

Coaching is not a get rich quick scheme, a pyramid scheme, or a get fit fast scheme. Our programs and products are scientifically based and tested, and focus on the basics: fitness and nutrition. As for the income, you can make a significant income coaching, but only if you decide to put in the work. If you commit 100% to the business and stay consistent, you will be amazed at what can happen! 

If you're over the age of 18 you can be a coach! No previous experience, fitness history, six pack fitness perfection, or pre-requisites required! This opportunity works because it is real people helping real people. We all come from different backgrounds, which is what allows us each to connect with a unique community of people we can serve.

  • Motivate, Inspire, and Encourage others to live a healthy, positive life
  • Commit to our own health and fitness journeys and share it with others (We are proof the programs and products work!)
  • Keep ourselves and clients accountable through supportive virtual groups
  • Devote time to personal development
  • Plug into team trainings, virtual calls, local events, and team get togethers
  • Be the support our clients need to complete fitness programs and change their life!
  • Be part of the most motivational, energetic, positive, supportive community of people
  • Have the ability to change others' lives
  • Enjoy a 25% on all Beachbody programs 
  • Earn an income through working on your fitness journey and helping others do the same 
  • Local, Regional, National events
  • Workouts with celebrity trainers like Tony Horton, Shaun T, Chalene Johnson, Autumn Calabrese and more
  • Opportunities to go on earned expense paid vacations
  • Earn monthly rewards and incentive gifts
  • Enjoy team workouts, local get togethers, and virtual hangouts
  • Team training, resources, and community calls

who can be a coach?



Our team is constantly growing and we are always looking to help driven, like-minded, service-oriented people start their coaching experience! The first step is to connect with the coach who invited you to check out this opportunity. They will help you become a coach, get your getting started right program, and plug into our team! Simple training will then follow and before you know it, you will be rocking not only your fitness journey, but helping others with theirs! 


What Beachbody Coaching is Not


As a Coach, your job is to be unapologetically YOU! You don't need a six pack, a fitness background, or be perfect with your health and fitness. Your job is to partner with Beachbody and to work on your personal health, fitness, and personal development journey...then share that progress with others.

Through sharing individual journeys, coaches inspire others to create healthy habits and live their best life. We plug people into programs and products that help us live a healthy life and support them along the way.

how we do what we do

coach benefits

Being a coach comes down to two things:

1. Starting with yourself first by committing to your own health and fitness journey

2. Sharing that journey with others, inspiring them to commit to living their best life and plugging them into programs that work

How to Succeed:

1. Do the above!

2. Connect to our team, team trainings, and resources

3. Take action inviting others to get fit, happy, and healthy!