Why "team fit fam"?

what we stand for

who we are

Fitness. Fun. Family. Friends. Faith. We aim to help others through what we know we need most- accountability, support, encouragement, and positive motivation! Whether you're a client of ours, or a new coach to our team, you'll be taken care of- no questions asked! Our team loves getting together for in person and virtual hangouts, 


​Team Fit Fam is just what it sounds like... a family! The team was founded well before #FitFam became a social media craze by the Perry's, a fitness loving family! A family is "a group of things related by common characteristics" and those characteristics for our team include a love of fitness, the desire to be the best people we can be, the passion to help others, and the core value that laughing is always the best exercise!

Think about the most energetic, uplifting, supportive friend you have. That's who we are.

Being apart of Team Fit Fam is like getting an extra extension of family of people who are motivated, inspiring, goal driven, positive, and have hearts to serve and help others. Our team is composed of people from all walks of life, all different professions, and are all at different points in their own health and fitness journey, which is the beauty of it all.